Living Your Whole Life

Holistic Life-Coaching to support who you are, to create the life you desire

Knowing what you want from life, and creating the opportunities to make that happen, is a big part of living the truth of your social voice. A part of finding your voice is discovering what it is that YOU want from your life. Yes, YOU in capitals … because so many people are living the life they think or feel they ‘should’; a life mapped out for them by the expectations of others. Perhaps you need to find out what it is you want from your life, before you start to find your physical voice. Once you’ve found your voice, however, I’m not going to leave you high and dry – Your Whole Life is here to support you as you move forward living connected to your higher purpose, creating the life that you want.


Discover where being disconnected from your social voice, your values, beliefs and what you stand for, is restricting you from living your whole life.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is NOT Therapy, Mentoring or Counseling – coaching does not dig around and go-over the past in detail, although we may use the past to shed light on the present situation and to help make choices for your next steps. Coaching does NOT make suggestions, give you answers, or tell you what to do to sort out your life problems/issues/challenges.


  • Supports you in discovering and achieving your life goals, knowing what your desired end results are so you can move from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Enables you to make the changes in your life that you are ready, willing and able to make.
  • Uncovers the skills, knowledge and potential you already possess, so you can make those changes.
  • Provides someone other than yourself to be accountable to.
  • Encourages, discovers, challenges & supports you, the client, on your journey; it does NOT direct, advise, or judge.



To discover how coaching will help you, explore the services I offer, discover what you need and book your complementary clarity call.

What I Offer

An Introduction Session:

Intensive coaching experiences:

Post-Intensive Follow-on Programmes:

— If you have worked with me on a programme or intensive experience these options are also available to you. —


Refresher Sessions

After a series of coaching sessions, sometimes you need a bit of support but don’t quite need a whole other programme. Up to three one-off follow-up or refresher sessions are available. These are a great tool to help keep you on track with the goals you have worked hard to achieve, or with new aspirations.

  • 1 x 50 minute follow-up session £100

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    Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
Sonic Meditation/Sound Healing
Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life

    “I found the coaching sessions with Judith to be invaluable in terms of helping me gain clarity on certain issues that have troubled me for years…  I felt that what Judith did best was to lead me towards finding the answers to these issues myself and more importantly helping me to set the strategy to overcome those issues and challenges.”

    Peter Doolan – Sales and Business Development

    "I now feel so much clearer, motivated again, and confident to move forward in my career and make the necessary changes happen."

    Gabi Fritz – Actress and Healer