Voice-Vibration Sound Healing

Sound is an ancient form of connection to self and community. The healing power of sound comes largely from the energetic shift, emotional release and change of mindset state.


An holistic approach to life seeks to find balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements. Like throwing a pebble in to water, the ripples of acknowledging and releasing holdings in one area, encourages the others to let go many of your limiting beliefs, feelings & memories are held in your cell vibration, in muscle memory. When you encounter situations that your brain tells you is similar to previous experiences, your muscles respond in the same way, preparing you for fight, flight or freeze. Your body then holds that tension deep within.


Through exploring your deep sonic connection with your body you will start to liberate those holdings.


When the sonic vibration of the voice matches the vibrational frequency of the emotions held in your body, your cells try to absorb more of what they recognise, and so have to let go of some of what they are holding on to. By recognising you are still holding on to those emotions, you are then able to acknowledge and work to release them. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be converted, let the energy of the sound convert your energy and shift your experience.


Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be converted, let the energy of the sound convert your energy and shift your experience.


More information about sounding codes of practice.

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More Information about Sound Healing & Codes of Practice


I have been working with sound as a healing and meditation tool since 2008, both experiencing sound healing myself and incorporating sounding with voice into my work.

There are many forms of instrument used for sounding; having worked with Stewart Pearce and completed his twelve Alchemy of Voice workshops, I use the human voice and some percussion.

I combine the sound work with intuitive awareness, and Earth-Light Reiki, which uses sound and light-language. All sessions are supported by a talking/coaching element and crystal energy, they may also include an oracle card reading if you wish.

Please be aware sounding is not a medical practice and I cannot diagnose or offer remedy for ongoing or suspected medical conditions. If concerned for your mental or physical health you should always consult a medical practitioner. Our initial consultation will enquire about any existing mental or physical health conditions.


"The online Sound Healing was very different and beautiful. At the start it felt a bit strange - as I've done nothing like it! - physically I felt a bit agitated, I kept stretching, then I felt emotional. The sounding was beautiful. In the end I felt very relaxed."

Ami Khan

"You are so, so good at this work ~ such a contribution to the world.  You must know this."

Catherine Deane ~ Fashion Designer, creator & owner of ‘Catherine Deane’