Vocal Confidence Coaching

You have a voice – I can help you use it more effectively

What makes me different? I approach your vocal confidence from an holistic standpoint, looking at all the elements of your life that affect your voice, and where your voice effects your life.


I work with you to discover where your challenges come from, to embody your voice through exploring your connection with body, brain, breath and energy, to create a speech, presentation, or ability to speak in front of others, that is connected to who you are, supported by your purpose (the effect you wish to see or create.)


I believe that all speaking is ‘Public’ Speaking

Whether you are speaking to one person, or to a group, if you are raising your hand to share an opinion in a meeting or at an event, making a wedding speech, or speaking from a stage to a large audience; you are public speaking.


If you are not connected to your whole self when you speak, to your social voice and to your mental, physical and energetic self – there will be challenges.



At the extreme, these challenges keep people from speaking up for themselves, stop people from accepting or going for a promotion at work, or accepting invitations to inspire others, they stop people from being or becoming who they could be. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, said in an interview:


“Focus on developing your voice. Figuring out what’s important to you and being willing to use your voice for that purpose is incredibly valuable.”


I couldn’t agree more.

See my programmes below

You have two voices: your social voice and your physical voice

Your ‘Social Voice’ reflects what you believe in and stand for, your truth, the reason you do what you do, your higher purpose. Your ‘Physical Voice’ is how you express yourself and those beliefs. Often these become disconnected from each other. Before speaking, how often do you check in with your higher purpose, with your social voice? If you restrict this, then what you say, write, or share, will not be reflecting who you really are. You will be disconnected from who you are, and therefore some connection with your audience will be lost too. The physical sound vibration of your voice is key to connecting to your audience.


An audience (which can be one person) largely connects, or relates, to the energy of the person speaking. The energy of your voice reflects how connected you are to who you are, to what you are saying, and to what you think the outcome, response, or reaction of those you are speaking to might be. Focusing on the four key areas of brain, body, breath and energy I help you re-connect to your whole self, allay your personal challenges and discover the power of your whole voice to:


  • Create the right speech or presentation for the right occasion
  • Improve vocal confidence
  • Reduce and manage nerves
  • Create a new mindset to change your perspective and embrace your voice
  • Save the amount of time currently wasted worrying about speaking.
  • Enhance awareness of your connection to your voice and the impact you have on other people when speaking

There are several options available so that you can join at the level that is right for you.

Start your journey now by looking at my services below, discovering what you need and booking your complementary clarity call.

Vocal Confidence Programmes

Short term options:

These one and two session options are intended to help you to either:
Realise what your biggest challenge is when it comes to public speaking and identify ways to adjust it,
Create, or hone, a short speech or presentation so that you are more confident delivering it. This may be personal (wedding, family event etc) or professional (seminar, conference, team presentation)


Longer vocal confidence coaching programmes:

The below coaching programmes and intensive experiences work on a deeper level to help you understand where your vocal confidence or public speaking challenges come from and to create new tools and techniques to liberate you from those restrictions and free your whole voice.

One-to-One, Exclusive Experiences:

These intensive experiences are bespoke sessions, tailor-made specifically for you, to fit your personal requirements. If you prefer to work quickly, deeply and intensively, rather than over a longer period of time; if you want to get to the bottom of, or manage, a specific speaking challenge in one session, or create greater connection and growth when you speak in front of others; if you are ready to take leadership and speak with confidence, these are for you. Enhance your skills, improve nerve-management, reduce uncertainty, and save time spent worrying about speaking. 

Reconnect to the passion behind your purpose and gain the clarity and confidence of your convictions when you speak.

Refresher Sessions


After a series of coaching sessions, sometimes you need a bit of support but don’t quite need a whole other programme. Up to three one-off follow-up or refresher sessions are available. These are a great tool to help keep you on track with the goals you have worked hard to achieve, or with new aspirations.

  • one 50 minute follow-up session £100

Returning Client Add-On Request

Your Main Focus (required)

Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
Sonic Meditation/Sound Healing
Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life

Mentor Support


I will attend your event or speech to run you through your preparation exercises, support you with my presence in the room as you present (if possible or appropriate) and give you positive and developmental feedback.

  • Half-day £500* (plus travel if outside of M25)
  • Full day £950* (plus travel if outside of M25)

*Special rates given as a part of an Intensive Experience.

Returning Client Add-On Request

Your Main Focus (required)

Public Speaking/Vocal confidence
Sonic Meditation/Sound Healing
Life Coaching/Finding my voice in my life

“A HUGE thank-you because, believe it or not, it was a great success, my speech yesterday! It came from the bottom of my heart and I didn’t have to burst in to tears and I could actually speak completely freely without using my script. You are a fantastic teacher and I can’t thank you enough – what a nice experience for a change, having to stand up in front of other people. A fantastic coach.”

Britta Woermann

" My confidence in communicating to both small and large groups was much improved as a result of applying the techniques I learned.  I would recommend Judith’s coaching service without hesitation."

Ian Corbin ~ Banking Operational Risk Specialist