FREE Sisterhood Session – Love Yourself

Being ‘The Strong One’ or ‘The Responsible One’ often means you neglect yourself
Join Monica Douglas and Me, Judith Quin, on this FREE online session

If you’re a strong (possibly overly independent) woman who’s tired of doing it all on your own, or feeling alone – come and join Monica DOUGLAS and me on Sunday 11th Feb at 7pm (UK time)

Held close to Valentine’s Day (which is also World Sound Healing Day) our theme is the vital importance of loving yourself.

  • Gentleness
  • Awareness
  • Compassion
  • Support

This is a FREE session sharing some of the tools and techniques that will be key in the Stronger Together Sisterhood online membership and integral to its inaugural energy of the Sounds Like Self-Love Sister Circle & Retreat.  Of course, whilst you’re there you might also want to see if our membership might be right for you for 2024 to get the ongoing support you’ve been looking for with some incredible women

Here’s to joy, love, health, abundance .. and more!

Register here and you’ll get the link to the event.