FREE Monthly Webinar and Judith Q & A Session

Join me on this FREE monthly webinar where I will share an element of my work.
Then ask me anything about any element of my work that you’d like to know more about:
vocal confidence, mindset/life-coaching, or voice-vibration and chakra sounding for pain & stress reduction or meditation.

“Don’t Fool Yourself

Lots of people think that ‘being confident’ is about trying to persuade people you’re something you’re not … it’s not! The Fool’s job was actually to shed light and reflect – can you do this?
Join me where we ask:

  • What do you see in yourself?
  • How can you persuade others you deserve to be heard?
  • What do you believe in?

And as always there’s a Q&A session at the end to ask me whatever you need around anything ‘voice’.
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