FREE Monthly Judith Q & A Session

YOUR VOICE is so much more than what you say.
WHAT I DO is so much more than public speaking and sonic meditation.

Your Whole Voice is about YOU living YOUR whole LIFE without regrets, without fear of other people’s opinions, and without the effort of trying to live up to those expectations set in your mind (which I know is easier said than done.)

Join me on this free monthly session to ‘mine me’ for information and explore any element of my work that you want to know more about: vocal confidence, mindset/life-coaching, or voice-vibration and chakra sounding for emotional healing or meditation.

The sessions will be led by those who attend and will be a chance to ask any questions you have, to experience some of how I work, and if you want to ‘hot seat’ a specific challenge.

Register here and you’ll get the link to the event.