Book Signing – Stop Shoulding. Start Wanting

“Stop ‘Should-ing’. Start Wanting.” is having a Signing in Greenwich 

People are ‘Should-ing’ all over themselves and making a right mess of their life.

With Christmas ads on telly and crackers in the shops since September, you could be forgiven for not wanting to see another reminder that this year is ending and the new year is looming around the corner.   We know that means getting information overload on how you might improve your life. After all, if 65% of British people make resolutions in the new year but only 12% of those people are likely to keep the resolution, what’s the point?

The point is – that life shouldn’t be about ‘resolving’, it should be about making a choice to create something you actively WANT.
If you want to find YOUR voice and eliminate feeling like you ‘should’ do things out of obligation. If you want to stop thinking “If only” this … or that. If you want to create more desire than duty in your life… Judith Quin, Author of “Stop ‘Should-ing’. Start Wanting” can help you make a choice to either turn your ‘shoulds’ in to a want, or ditch them from your life altogether.

“Stop ‘Should-ing’. Start Wanting.” with a foreword by Marie Diamond (the secret behind The Secret),  is OUT NOW in bookshops and on Amazon, and will be available to purchase and get signed at this event. 

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