Liberate Your Voice 3-Day June Retreat

Country Cottage Venue for Sound Your Voice Retreat

Corona Update: Unless there are any changes to the government roadmap this will be going ahead as planned. Max 5 attendees plus me.

Shine light on your life at the height of Summer. Spend three days in the beautiful East Sussex countryside. Through a combination of sounding, sonic meditation, and vocal confidence coaching, learn how to use your voice to reduce physical pain, recognise and release emotional holdings, and connect to your higher vibration energy.

Whether you are already aware of the power of sounding, sound healing and sonic meditation, or if you have never experienced sounding before, this three days will resonate with you.  If you want to be able to express yourself with more confidence and discover the power of your voice sound-vibration… then this retreat is for you. ALL ACCOMMODATION and FOOD INCLUDED.