“Sounds Like Self-Love” 1-Day Retreat Taster – Avebury

Women in Transition … Shine a light on your soul and in your heart.  Come and join us for a day of reconnection to your true, whole, shining, beautiful self – offer yourself love, clarity and choice.
This life often trains out of us this ability to listen to our higher, true, authentic self.  We feel like we don’t know. We listen to others, to society, to fear.  So then we feel stuck.

Self-love is the way back from stuck-ness and feeling lost.
Self-love is the way to clarity and choice.
Self-love is knowing if something is a ‘yes’ for you – or a ‘no’ – and feeling able to follow that pull and express what you need.

Come either simply for the day of itself, or to decide whether you’d like to join Judith & Monica in the Sounds Like Self-Love Sisterhood and contemplate the 7 Day Retreat in Barbados November 2024