“Sounds Like Self-Love” Luxury Retreat – Barbados.

Limited to max 8 attendees to keep this a held space and allow personal attention.

Step forward into a life of freedom“.
(quote from previous attendee on Judith’s 7 Day Retreat)

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I’m checking the waters – are you interested in this retreat? Are you in a place of resistance to change and wanting clarity on your choices? Do you know what you’d love to do – but don’t quite know that you know you can?  Would you like to trust yourself – trust in your inner ‘Yes’ and inner ‘No.’?

Join Monica Douglas and me for 7 Days of deep self-love through self-trust: engage in sound healing, movement, coaching, self-awareness and honing your skills to listen to and trust your intuition.   A truly liberating and life-changing retreat – including a 6 months support programme.