Do you want to express yourself with more confidence, clarity and conviction – in any situation?


Are there conversations, events, or situations that you avoid because you don’t like to speak in front of others?


Are you a perpetual people-pleaser, pissed off with not getting promoted, or not putting yourself forward?


Do you run your own business and need to find your heart-centred marketing message that you can say without cringing, or  discover how to ask for the work without flinching?


If you have said “Yes” to any of the above, and are ready to make a change,
You’re in the right place.


Your voice is a reflection of every experience or emotion you have ever had, witnessed, or imagined.
So whether you want to do the ‘outer work’:
Writing a speech or purely practical tools and techniques to manage nerves and speak with confidence
or if you’re up for doing more of the ‘inner work’:
discovering and releasing the deeper elements that get in the way of sharing your voice:


It’s time to take action and let your voice be heard so you can start to create the life you want.
Have a look around the website and see what resonates with you.
If you’d like to confirm your best next step with me – then book a Confirmation Call to decide what’s right for you.
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Events & Workshops

Join me live both online and 'in real life'.

This page will show you where you can either:
1) Discover more about what I do from me in person (see me speak, come to an exhibition, or join me live on zoom at my monthly 1st Monday 'Ask Me Anything' Session')

2) Take the plunge and book a space to join me for an event that I'm running - that could be anything from my 30 minute online meditation sessions, to my flagship 2-Day Vocal Confidence workshop, or a whole 7 Day Retreat!


Online Courses

Try before you buy by watching the FREE videos.

If you prefer to take things at your own pace, or are unable to join me live - that doesn't mean you have to miss out on my work.

I have transferred what I know from the live rooms on to video - so you can experience the work in your own time and space. Unlike many online courses this is not voice-over on slides - I am there on your screen. In the words of someone who's done both the online and in-person "I was surprised at how much it was like having you there in the room!"


Choose Your Path with Judith Quin

Vocal Confidence

For Challenging Conversations, Public & Personal Speaking, Delivering Presentations & Speech Creation.

Find the Confidence to raise your hand or head above the parapet. It's time to speak up, share your ideas and to be seen and heard.

I approach working with your public and/or personal speaking challenges, or creating your speech, from an holistic standpoint, looking at all the elements you want to include, the areas of your life that affect your voice, and where not using your voice is holding you back.


Voice Vibration & Sonic Meditation

For deep, personal, energetic and emotional healing. Set yourself free.

Working with the power of your voice-vibration to release, re-connect and revive your ability to connect to and express your confident self - in tune with your higher self. Recognise and release past energies stuck in your body's cell-memory that hold you back. Re-connect to your whole self. Re-discover the passion behind your purpose. Revive your life.

If you think you’ve tried everything – you probably haven’t tried this.


Liberate Your Life

Too many of my clients have wasted too much of their life avoiding speaking.  They have reduced their self-worth, been stressed by speaking situations, and avoided speaking their truth for fear of what they think might be a ‘challenging conversation’.

It’s time to let go of the thoughts or fears of what you think might happen, of what you think other people MIGHT think of you if you speak, or speak up.

Too many people don’t share their ideas, don’t put themselves forward, don’t ask for what they need, nor do they say they’re good at what they do – for fear of seeming like they’re ‘demanding’ ‘bragging’ or ‘appearing arrogant’, or for fear that others might find fault with them.

You would be amazed at who you could be, what you might do, what you could create, the life you could live, and the positive impact it can have when you start sharing your voice.  I invite you to come with me, take that leap.

When you liberate your voice, you don’t just liberate your life (by reducing stress and creating more opportunities for yourself) you might just liberate others’ lives too.

Are you ready to find your voice and free your voice to liberate your life? Find out how you might do that with me.

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“Fabulous voice coaching with the massively knowledgeable and experienced Judith Quin - RECOMMENDED for anyone who speaks/teaches for a living!!! The session gave me an awareness of how my breath and whole body affect my voice and I learned easy to implement tools to improve my way of speaking and teaching”

Ramona Peoples, Body Orchestra

“Judith’s coaching was instrumental in assisting me with some recent career choices, which presented a daunting range of options and potential futures. The approach allowed me to detach emotion or enthusiasm from any one particular option and assess each impartially.”

Malcolm Wild – I.T. Chief Technology Officer