Judith Quin: Public Speaking Coach, Vocal Confidence Specialist & Sound Healer.

For Confident Communication No Matter The Situation

“A fantastic introduction into sound and voice healing from the comfort of your own home.” (Tabitha Ellis)2.5hrs of video in bite-sized 5-18 minute lessons
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“It’s fun to play and explore even just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference.  Goodbye to playing small and hiding.” (Clare Fitzgerald)

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Whole Voice

For Public Speaking, Presentations, Speech Creation & the Confidence to raise your hand, speak up, share your ideas and to be seen and heard.
I approach working with your public speaking challenges, or creating your speech, from an holistic standpoint, looking at all the elements you want to include, the areas of your life that affect your voice, and where not using your voice effects your life.


Whole Sound

Sounding is a powerful form of energy healing that I use to release, re-connect and revive your ability to connect to and express your confident self.
Recognise and release the things that hold you back. Re-connect to your whole self. Re-discover the passion behind your purpose. Revive your life.
If you think you’ve tried everything – you probably haven’t tried this.


Whole Life

Do you spend a lot of time feeling like you 'should' do this, that, or the other; rather than following what you want?
Listen to your inner voice and discover what it is that YOU want from your life, and how to start creating that, rather than doing those things, or being the person you feel you 'should'.


Find Your Confident Voice

Connect to your higher self. Find and Free your true, whole, voice to liberate your life. Come and join us in ruggedly beautiful Kinsale in Ireland as we sound and stretch to Embody Your Voice on this 7-Day Sound Healing, Self-Expression and Yoga retreat (and while we're at it find clarity for your life and business)


“Fabulous voice coaching with the massively knowledgeable and experienced Judith Quin - RECOMMENDED for anyone who speaks/teaches for a living!!! The session gave me an awareness of how my breath and whole body affect my voice and I learned easy to implement tools to improve my way of speaking and teaching”

Ramona Peoples, Body Orchestra

“Judith’s coaching was instrumental in assisting me with some recent career choices, which presented a daunting range of options and potential futures. The approach allowed me to detach emotion or enthusiasm from any one particular option and assess each impartially.”

Malcolm Wild – I.T. Chief Technology Officer

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January 15 -

January 16

Speak With Confidence, Heart & Soul

ONLINE Two-day public speaking and vocal confidence workshop with a difference.
It was really, really, great. The best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you very much” (Alype H. – Electrical Engineer)

Achieve your desire to speak, in any situation, with more confidence, clarity, and conviction.  Leave the two days ready to raise your hand in meetings, engage your audience at networking or conference, wow with your wedding speech, and enhance sales.- or just be more confident expressing yourself in social situations.  I will help you connect to a voice that resonates with your audience.  Express yourself from your heart and soul to create stronger connection and step in to your confident speaking voice.

Hear what others have to say ⋅

Time: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Location: Online

Price: from £179

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Upcoming events...



Monday Morning Online Global Sound Circle Drop In

Held every Monday at 7.30am (UK)
(8.30am Europe, 11.30pm PST, 8.30pm NZ)

Come and join the Global Sound Circle members in our regular sonic meditation sessions.

Reduce Stress. Release Your Rubbish. Raise Your Vibration.

Time: 7:30 am - 8:00 am

Location: Online - Link In Confirmation Email

Price: Donation from £5

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World Sound Healing Day FREE Sounding

Join Judith and members of the Global Sound Circle for a special FREE voice-vibration sonic meditation on World Sound Healing Day.

Run on Zoom and starting at 9:30 am (GMT) this sounding and meditation will last about 45minutes-1hr as we sound with the intention of uniting the world in sending energy from the heart in ripples of Love, Forgiveness, & Compassion.

Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Location: Secure Zoom Room

Price: FREE

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April 30 -

May 7

Liberate Your Life 7-Day Retreat

Shows Yoga Class in Cork Sound HealingRetreat

Spend seven days in the beautiful and dramatic rural Irish coast to find and free your true voice to be able to fully express yourself and liberate your life.

Embody your voice-vibration to explore, acknowledge and release the rubbish that you are still holding on to that makes you hesitate to be comfortable being YOU and step forward in life.  Connect deeply to the version of you that exists underneath the ‘doing fine’ and ‘coping’, so that you can let go of the past that holds you back, and move forward in life.

Go home feeling lighter, with clarity of thought, a sense of freedom, and more confidence in who you really are and how you express yourself.

With a maximum of 7 attendees, you will support each other through powerful shifts of voice and mindset through a combination of daily  vocal confidence exercises, sound healing, self-expression sessions, and yoga practice to connect you to your true, whole, embodied self.

If you want to be able to express yourself with more confidence, have those challenging conversations, get clarity in your life or business, and discover the power of your voice sound-vibration… then this retreat is for you.

Time: 4:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Location: Wild Atlantic Way Yoga, Kinsale, Ireland

Price: From £1597

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